MEDIATORY Performance of the Weekend

After a one week hiatus, it's back - and this week's award was a closely run contest.

Johnny Bairstow endeared himself to MEDIATORY (and no doubt to gentlemen of a ginger persuasion everywhere) with his batting heroics and subsequent emotional celebration as England wrapped up a fantastic series win versus the Kiwis on Saturday. 

Nicola Sturgeon (yes, there's something positive to write about her) also receives a mention, as she prepares to open a spanking new whisky distillery in Speyside this morning. Excellent news for those of us who enjoy a wee dram, especially if accompanied by the haggis, neeps and tatties at Boisdale of Belgravia - a MEDIATORY favourite.

This week's winner, however, is the rather fantastic revelation of Michael Gove's edict regarding 'Ministerial Correspondence Preferences'. Far from being 'patronising,' as the Indy implies, it's a pleasant change to see someone championing the English language. Good manners and grammar cost nothing, after all...