MEDIATORY Performance of the Weekend

After the horrific brutality of Friday's multiple terrorist atrocities, MEDIATORY headed to the countryside: a much-needed escape from the stifling bustle of the capital, and an opportunity to pause and reflect on the sombre news of the day. 

With that being said, there were moments of levity - the British sunshine gets an 'also-ran' mention for this week's award, having managed to give one's skin a most delightful 'Strawberries and Cream' motif - appropriate for the start of Wimbledon this week (and let's hope Andy Murray will be featured in this space in a fortnight's time).

Another close-but-no-cigar contender was the beautiful Kentish scenery. Bathed in the glorious early afternoon sun, the view from The Beacon, on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells, was a world away from the industrial scenes of London:

 The breathtaking view from The Beacon, Tunbridge Wells

The breathtaking view from The Beacon, Tunbridge Wells

This week's victor, however, is the fantastic Tom Hardy. Sunday's first viewing of the trailer for his Kray twin biopic, Legend, was exquisitely entertaining, and an insider who has already had the pleasure of viewing the film in its entirety could not have been more complimentary when waxing lyrical about the star and his dual-performance.