Cameron's Cold Cup of Coffee

This morning, one presumes, was the first instance of David Cameron awakening and smelling the post-electoral coffee. Given that he has spent the past few weeks riding a wave of unfettered jubilation after the Tories' shock majority in the general election, it must have been an unpleasantly cold cup of Nescafe Instant.

Not only had the news broken that 50 members of his party have formed a brazenly Eurosceptic group (Conservatives for Britain), lending further gravity to his initial foray at this weeks G7 summit to secure major reforms to Britain's relationship with the EU, but on top of that his former speechwriter, Ian Birrell, had written a piece lamenting Britain's ever-increasing 'bonkers' foreign aid budget. This, of course, is the foreign aid budget that so often manages to find it's way into the pockets of corrupt statesmen rather than the impoverished citizens it was meant for, which makes Mr Cameron's op-ed for the Huffington Post this week - in which he lambasts global corruption on the back of the FIFA scandal - a touch awkward.

The honeymoon's over, Mr Prime Minister, back to work...