Et tu, Harriet?

Poor old Ed Miliband. Not only has he faced - albeit with admirable grace - the ignominy of returning to the Commons after May's brutalisation, but now it seems that the rest of the party, having spent the last month stewing in their own bilious despair, are finally turning on him as the (obvious) scapegoat. Whilst it was quite predictable that the leadership candidates would all take aim at Ed in an attempt to distance themselves from Labour's catastrophic electoral campaign, he must have been somewhat taken aback, upon opening his copy of The Guardian, to see champagne leftie The Right Hon. Tristram Hunt skewering him for a lack of interest in education policy.

Yet the deepest knife of all came from his temporary successor as Leader of the Opposition, Harriet Harman, who in The Independent implies that voters who shied away from Labour due to a lack of trust regarding the economy did so because of Ed's perceived incompetence in that area.

I'm sure he can't wait until 2020, when he'll be able to give the next failed Labour candidate the same treatment...