John Stapleton vs Nadine Dorries

Most readers will by now be familiar with Nadine Dorries' decision to bare all about the appalling abuse she suffered as a child. During an interview this evening on LBC, John Stapleton had the bold-faced audacity to question whether it was "the right time" for such a revelation, for political reasons.

To Mr Stapleton: at a time when stories of sexual abuse - especially those of historical nature - are becoming more and more prevalent; a time when a play depicting the vile Jimmy Savile courts controversy in every major paper; and a time when, thanks to accusations regarding MPs of yesteryear, the Commons is under particular scrutiny on this issue, Nadine Dorries should be commended on her bravery in standing up and discussing what must be a horrendously traumatic set of memories for her.

Some things transcend politics, and for her to come forward as a person is brave, but as an MP in the public eye it is downright admirable. It is not for us to question minutiae such as timing, lest we lose sight of the bigger picture.