Labour Flying Solo

When will they learn?

With the national conversation regarding the EU reaching fever pitch, and the Commons debating the referendum bill today (UPDATE: it passed at a rate of 10:1), it seems that Labour are (not for the first time) preparing to put party politics ahead of the greater good for Britain.

With the 'Yes' (to staying in the EU) campaign likely to be a cross-party effort, common sense would dictate that Labour fall in line with this in order to present a united front to voters - after all, the joint-campaigning of the parties helped clinch the Scottish independence referendum in the face of the viciously hostile pro-independence campaign.

Yet Labour, still sulking in the corner, have now decided that they lost all those Scottish seats not because they campaigned for Scotland to stay in the UK, but because they did so alongside the Tories. It's this sort of flawed logic that has led the likes of Hilary Benn and Andy Burnham to demand a separate Labour 'Yes' campaign, gleefully supported by Left wing fanboys such as the infamous 'Dr' Eoin Clarke. Given that a united campaign would clearly be more effective, seeing Labour churlishly prioritise party self-interest over what's best for Britain will surely offend the political sensibilities of an electorate already suspicious of their governing credentials.