London Mayoral Race: Going For Gold(smith)

As intimated in yesterdays article on Boris, MEDIATORY views the 2016 election for London Mayor as a two horse race between Labour's Sadiq Khan and Tory Zac Goldsmith - an event made increasingly more likely today with Goldsmith officially throwing his hat in the ring.

Goldsmith's combination of sound Conservative policies and support of green issues make him an ideal candidate to run London, especially now Khan has stated that he won't be giving up his parliamentary seat if he becomes Mayor. And yes, that's the Sadiq Khan who was at the forefront of the Labour plan to castigate Boris for pulling those exact same duel-duties.

Given that the Labour electorate in the Capital was up in arms about our current Mayor splitting time twixt Westminster and City Hall, one can only assume they'll all be voting Goldsmith come next year's ballot - at least he has had the courtesy to consult his constituents on the matter.

UPDATE: Khan has begun his campaign with a fervent pledge to freeze London transport fares for 4 years - although one wonders where the cash to support that pledge will come from (presumably not from cuts to the RMT or other Labour-backing trade unions). To be fair though, you can't blame the chap for trying - transport costs from Tooting to Westminster to City Hall and then back home are probably already pretty steep...