The Other European Bill

Keen eyed sleuths at the @WorkClassTories twitter account have raised the issue of a bill on Europe that is due to enter discussion in the Lords. Whilst everyone's eyes, ears and ink are focussed on the referendum bill, its rather more sinister third cousin, sponsored by former MEP, Tory peer, and noted Europhile Lord Balfe, is beginning its existence.

The bill asks for provisions to be implemented in order to allow EU citizens residing in Britain to be able to vote, and even become MPs - a potential political game-changer, especially in certain more cosmopolitan constituencies. Thankfully, this bill is incredibly unlikely to make it as far as any serious sort of debate, but the fact that at a time when the country is asking for less EU influence and debating leaving it all together, there are people who still believe that the Union and its citizens should exert more influence on British government, is quite worrying.