It has been ten years since the landscape of our Capital, and indeed our country, changed immeasurably forever. A group of sick, twisted individuals, falsely convinced that they were representing Islam, launched a terror assault on the innocent people of London. The results were brutal and horrific; catastrophic and terrifying. Lives, full of unfulfilled promise, were snuffed out in the blink of an eye.

As a nation we mourned those 52 lives. We absorbed the shock and incredulity that accompanies such a violation. We anguished over the question as to how terror could have gained such a foothold in our green and pleasant land. Some eyes filled with tears; some with rage. Many howled in distress and fury; others stoically reflected. We came together, that day. Families held each other a little tighter; friends spoke a little longer; looks between shopkeepers and their trade held a little more meaning: the British would not be cowed.

It has been 10 years since that fateful day. We still face the task of eradicating extremism, and there is so much needed to ensure that happens. The Government and the Ministry of Justice, under Michael Gove's reformist leadership, need to find away of working alongside the Muslim community, and they need to do it in an inclusive manner, but with a firm hand. Not enough progress has been made in the last decade. Misguided youths are still, far too regularly, having their minds warped and creeds manipulated by hateful extremist preachers purporting to be the voice of Islam but in reality representing something altogether more sinister.

Today, however, should not be about politics. To fellow Britons, I say remember 7/7: reflect on the events that took place 10 years ago, and grieve for the dead once more. Remember 7/7 also, though, as the day our country steeled itself and our collective will became impervious to the evil few who seek to destroy this great nation. British resolve is unflinching, our national bond unbreakable, and neither hate-filled threats nor vicious assaults can ever change that.