Statement of Intent


May, 2015

During the 2015 election it became apparent that, despite eventually coming away with the first conservative majority since 1992, the Tories were woefully outgunned and outmanned when it came to their internet presence. Indeed, it was the hordes of left-wing keyboard warriors with their Milifandom and numerous inventive hashtags (#toriesout anyone?) that no doubt led many on the red side of affairs to believe that the government was already theirs, and that their man-of-the-people, suddenly 'hip' - thanks once again, Russell Brand - leader was but a hair's breadth from the door to Number 10. The election itself? Well that was to be a mere formality in Labour's giddy ascension into government.

As we know now, that was not to be. The fabled Shy Tories, as they are wont to do, turned out in droves; the SNP finished what William Wallace started; and all of a sudden the red dream became a blue nightmare. Even good old memeable Ed Balls lost his seat, much to the chagrin of all those who annually enjoyed his eponymous day on social media.

The one thing that struck many internet-literate Conservatives (we do exist, I promise you) was not so much the prolificacy of Pro-Labour content across social media and the blogosphere, but more so the sheer vitriol behind it. As we have seen with the thuggish nature of the post-election anti-austerity protests, there is a particularly vicious subset of the left who not only believe that their opinions are correct, as is their right, but also that anyone who dares to disagree must be inherently evil, and therefore worthy of the 'mob justice' so many of them seem to support (just ask Douglas Carswell). The instances of appalling online abuse directed towards those brave - or foolhardy - enough to fly the Conservative flag has been well documented, and it ultimately led to the ideas behind MEDIATORY.

This website will be unashamedly pro-Conservative, and will no doubt incur the incandescent wrath of the far left (in which case it will be doing its job). However, and more importantly, rather than repeat the mistakes of countless over-zealous Labour bloggers and their blinkered, puerile attitude towards opposing views (the age old we're right you're wrong so there tactic, coming soon to an academy playground near you), there will be an overriding aim to feature opinions and articles by members of the left wing. Politics is a flawed beast, and one side of an argument holds little merit without its counterpart. Hopefully in the coming months you will be able to enjoy a reasonable, measured, occasionally irreverent take on blue politics and modern day Britain.

Oh, and let's try to keep the name-calling to a minimum.